YP Letters: TransPennine Express service is now beset by delays '“ can things get any worse under Chris Grayling?

From: Dr Roger Donaldson, Leeds.

Public confidence in TransPennine Express is falling.
Public confidence in TransPennine Express is falling.

I READ Tom Richmond’s Saturday columns with interest but admit that at times I’m out of the country so I’m sure that I miss quite a few ‘goodies’.

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For some time I have been using TransPennine Express between Leeds and Manchester Airport. I am 75-plus, with property in France that I often visit.

The TPE up until now has served me well, especially
with the reserved seat. Suddenly at Platform 16A there were frequent announcements
that there were ‘no reserved seats’.

That did not concern me, 
but my wife becomes nauseous if travelling with her back to
 the engine.

Then the TPE started to be delayed by five minutes, and gradually increasing up to 15 minutes over time.

That caused problems, for often it would come up behind a slow-moving train stopping at every station before arriving at Piccadilly.

Anxiety levels crept up and although we have never missed a flight, on two occasions it has been a close call.

The return journey is proving little better. Why?

As for Chris Graying, what can one say? Useless at anything he touches and yet he survives. Why reward incompetence? Can things get any worse?