YP Letters: Transport Secretary and Yorkshire police tsar are not fit for purpose

From: Philip Crowther, Bingley.

Transport Secretary Chris Grayling.

I WOULD recommend our current Transport Secretary, Chris Grayling, and Mark Burns-Williamson, West Yorkshire’s police and crime commissioner, both apply for membership of the Magic Circle.

How Mr Grayling continues in his job is a mystery to me. His departments continuing stance on rail strikes is a national disgrace.

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To allow this long-running dispute to affect peoples’ lives and the economy in such a significant way is nothing other than dereliction of duty.

An effective Secretary of State would spend day and night in talks, bang heads together and get the matter resolved.

His latest trick is to try deflect the continuing poor service and increased fares by insinuating that the wage demands of workers are to blame.

As for Mr Burns-Williamson, his performance is lamentable. He seems to believe that knocking on the locked door of Government to ask for more money is acceptable.

Whilst crime is out of control and justice is one-sided in favour of the perpetrator, a few soundbites and watch the world go round is all that the PCC does in my view. These two politicians have such power over our lives. They are not fit for purpose and should go.