YP Letters: Turkey's vote rules out prospect of it joining EU

From: John Turley, Dronfield Woodhouse.

What will be Boris Johnson's role during the election?

THE result of the Turkish referendum, which was won by President Erdogan’s side by an almost identical margin to that 
of Vote Leave in the EU referendum last June, appears to be similarly divisive.

However one consequence of the Turkish referendum result is that it is now extremely unlikely that Turkey will be allowed to join the EU in the foreseeable future and yet, ironically, Turkey’s supposed imminent membership of the EU, allowing Turkish workers freedom of movement within the EU and to come to Britain, was cited 
by the Brexiteers as of one of 
the main reasons why people should vote leave in the EU referendum.

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From: William Doyle, Leyburn.

GIVEN the state of world affairs, what is there to stop Boris Johnson debating foreign policy with his opponents, like Labour’s Emily Thornberry, during the election?

I fear Theresa May’s self-indulgence will detract from 
the growing risk of a nuclear conflict.

Let’s have some grown-up politics during the election.