YP Letters: UK risks being a vassal state after Brexit

From: Nick Martinek, Briarlyn Road, Huddersfield.

Will Britain prosper after Brexit?
Will Britain prosper after Brexit?

THERE is a theory circulating within the UK civil service that “soft power” is hugely important, and that the UK is good at it. Apart from being a colossal exercise in vanity by our civil service, I doubt that most countries in the world give a fig about our “soft power” or our self-styled reasonableness.

In fact, if they bother to think of the UK at all, I suspect they are perplexed why we appease the EU so much, just as the Australian High Commissioner recently intimated.

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It gets worse. The EU is trying to annex Northern Ireland, and is now demanding control of UK fishing waters even after we’ve left. Frankly, attempting to take over another country’s land and resources is an act of war. With a “friend” like this, who needs enemies? So much for our vaunted “soft power”. If Theresa May isn’t more alive to EU threats, then the UK will just become a “deep and special” vassal state. How has it come to this?

From: ME Wright, Harrogate.

GORDON Lawrence’s reference to the “ignorant North” is somewhat misplaced (The Yorkshire Post, March 14).

Leeds, Harrogate and York were and are nests of we viperish Remainers.

Failing a second referendum, the likelihood is that, in just over a year, Brexiteers will be flag-waving to Rule Britannia. They will also be tugging their forelocks as their reclaimed “sovereignty” is cravenly ceded to America in all but name.

From: MP Laycock, Wheatlands Road East. Harrogate.

IT is misleading to suggest (The Yorkshire Post, March 14) that our future contributions to EU pension funds are a cost of leaving the EU.

These are liabilities already incurred through our existing EU membership. We should still have had to pay them if we were staying in.

They would, however, have been hidden by the much larger payments which we should have had to pay as continuing members.

From: AH Roberts, Harrogate.

RUSSIA, China, Trump, bottom-of-the-league GDP, Brexit costs spanning 46 years, more austerity for poor Brexiteers, crippled social services and Brexit still to come to further burden younger generations. Surely it is time for the collective wisdom of elected MPs to override the marginal referendum result based on a veiled reality?