YP Letters: Ukip has a new purpose after referendum

From: Chris Gallacher, Chairman, Ukip Redcar.

Paul Nuttall (left) is congratulated by Nigel Farage after he was announced as the new Ukip leader at the Emmanuel Centre in Westminster, London.

A NEW leader of Ukip has been elected to one of the hardest jobs in politics and Paul Nuttall MEP is, I hope, the man to do it.

It has been well chronicled by the media that there were many issues following the party’s success in the referendum campaign, albeit that this was belittled by the establishment and there was a loss of momentum after Nigel Farage’s decision to stand down, with claims that Ukip was now 
a spent force and a party without a cause.

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Well, as every grassroots supporter knows, we have a cause; and that is not just exiting from the EU but to provide a voice for the many in this country who have been silenced by the political class underpinned by the media.

We are the only party that 
is listening to the electorate and are prepared to speak out 
on their behalf and that is a greater role than getting out of the EU.

So for all those who 
have been writing the 
party’s obituary, they are 
far too premature and under Paul’s leadership, we will go on the offensive in the new year 
with renewed vigour and purpose.

So for all those other political groups, your Christmas has not come early.