YP Letters: Unconvinced by David Attenborough's climate change warnings

From: Ian Wilson (Socialist Labour Party), White Street, Selby.

What are your views on climate change?
What are your views on climate change?

Is it not somehow wrong to hold a Climate Conference in Poland where the mining industry is thriving and lives are being built and sustained in the advanced technology of this modernising industry?

Is it not somehow inappropriate that David Attenborough, the softly-spoken fist in a velvet glove, should harness the emotive power of children to deliver his one-sided message about stopping the production and use of fossil fuel?

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We have learnt from experience that trying to close mining industries is a form of control and, although the voice of the establishment is uttered from 90-year-old lips, that control is evident again.

Yet, I believe people are starting to see through these celebrity-fronted political festivals and the nicely articulated but largely not evidenced arguments that are designed to provide conversation points at the middle-class dinner table and strike fear into vulnerable minds.

How on earth can a rapidly-growing world population to be expected to rely upon the power of the sun and non-sustainable forms of energy?

The poor and disadvantaged are being sucked into the beliefs of Attenborough whilst their own communities are being left impoverished by the ever-growing restrictions placed on the precious nature of using clean coal technology to its fullest advantage for the survival and future prosperity of mankind.

But I am hoping that the worm will turn and humans will once again come together collectively and forge the next chapter of The Socialist Labour Party in the mission to build a fairer world for all at home and internationally and collective action to bring back industries for the modern world where brothers and sisters can build realistic sustainable futures, not cold houses with nothing to eat on a few words from the very privileged mouthpieces of the so-called elite who in essence through the Tory soundbite mantra want to control our lives.

From: Rita Brook, Green Lane, Lofthouse, Wakefield.

As a new year begins, we need to heed the warnings of our planet saviour, David Attenborough.

The use of contaminating firework displays require a worldwide ban.

Let us return the skies to their natural night time glory.