YP Letters: Vince Cable has lost my vote for good

From: Ian Smith, Colston Close, Bradford.

Sir Vince Cable is leader of the Lib Dems.

IT’S a pity about Sir Vince Cable. I once respected him, but no longer (The Yorkshire Post, September 19). He seemed to work well in the coalition, having an apparently well-balanced, common-sense, professional approach – and he’s still promoting seemingly sound policies.

But for me and my ilk, he’s now lost that praise following the contempt he’s demonstrating for the democracy we know; which is even more bizarre for a politician who’s in charge of a so-called democratic political party.

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The Lib Dems had their chance to improve democracy through the AV referendum in 2011 – albeit not their preferred system – and lost the vote. But they’ve monotonously kept trying again.

I voted for AV, but accepted the outcome, and I’ll not support proposals to re-enact a PR referendum, until at least a decade has elapsed.

For me, democracy has to be acceptance of a legitimate majority decision, not a preferred decision.

Today’s version of democracy is not the one I’ve supported throughout my life. So in future, although I will return ballot papers, they’ll very likely be unmarked, because, sadly, I don’t envisage ever again placing a cross in a box.