YP Letters: Wakefield MP should take note of our Christmas card call for Brexit

From: Andy Shaw, St John's Grove, Wakefield.

Mary Creagh MP has been challenged to represent the views of Wakefield voters on Brexit.
Mary Creagh MP has been challenged to represent the views of Wakefield voters on Brexit.

ON Saturday, hundreds of Wakefield residents sent a special Christmas card to our MP, Mary Creagh.

At a street stall set up by ‘Invoke Democracy Now – Yorkshire’, Christmas shoppers queued up to sign a Christmas card with the words “All I Want for Christmas is Brexit” addressed to Mary Creagh.

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Inside the card it said: ‘All we want for Christmas is the democratic voice of the British people in the EU referendum to be respected and for MPs to vote to trigger Article 50 without delay.

‘We aren’t asking for gold, frankincense or myrrh. The best present we could receive is for politicians to get on with the job of making a success of Brexit.

‘Then we really would be having a wonderful Christmas time!’

The cards were gathered up and delivered to Mary Creagh’s constituency office. We hope she was able to push open the door.

Mary Creagh is a Christmas scrooge. She grumbles at the views of her constituents and moans about Brexit.

Come on Mary, be like Scrooge, have a change of heart this Christmas.

From: Nigel Boddy, Fife Road, Darlington.

WHEN your wife is standing on the doorstep suitcase in hand saying she is leaving you, what is the first thing you promise? You promise to change of course, and be a better husband.

Can European leaders take the hint please? The Lib Dems, with help from the Greens, pulled off a wonderful piece of magic in Richmond Park. Isn’t it time for European leaders to confess that the institutions of the EU do in fact need reform?

Some early calls for reform and some admissions of their past mistakes from the European side, may be all that is needed right now to turn this decision around and get the British people to call off Brexit, as Boris Johnson himself once predicted.

We are weary of waiting on the doorstep. It takes two to tango. The European Parliament moves to Strasbourg one week in every four. How about calling off that move to Strasbourg for a start?

The voters of Richmond Park made the first steps. A clear demonstration of a willingness to reform the institutitons of the EU is needed now.

From: Jordan Doyle, York.

I TOTALLY agree with your recent editorials that there’s no reason why new food labelling laws cannot come into place on the day Britain leaves the EU.