YP Letters: We voted simply to leave the EU, no deals, no compromise

From: Les Brook, Rothwell, Leeds.

THE referendum was not a party political document, nor a constituency document. The citizens were given two options, to leave or remain in the EU. There was no mention of halfway houses or compromises.

Leave was the outcome, so that means that the Government and other politicians had no right to allege that the leave voters did not understand what it meant, to talk about deals, or to demand a second referendum.

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Leaving means exactly and only that. No further payments, we immediately begin to negotiate trade deals with any country that will exchange trade with us.

All previous financial obligations are null and void, since our incentive to leave is the stealthy and devious EU moves to complete their transition to take full control of all members and become a “United States of Europe” including a single army.

What we have done so far is show that this country is no longer democratic, it is ruled by individuals with vested interests that they believe outweigh the democratic wishes of the people.

Of course, there will be consequences. The EU will suffer because of our exit, which is why they are taking advantage of our nonsensical behaviour, seen as a sign of weakness.

None of the consequences can outweigh the saving of our massive financial contributions to the EU and an end to our loss of national control over everything.

Sadly, the overwhelming evidence is that our betrayal, dishonesty and lack of courage means we are likely to end up with a confused, complicated and unjustifiable ‘deal’ that is not what was voted for. We lack honest leaders.

From: Lorna Macdonald, Holmfirth.

I AM disgusted and ashamed of some of Theresa May’s MPs.

As a Remainer herself, she vowed that if Brexit was what the majority wanted, she would see that it would happen.

No matter which party is in power, they should carry out the policies that the majority voted them in for.

It seems to me that her party are trying to do exactly what they did to Margaret Thatcher.

She had turned our economy around, more people were back in work than before.

She stood up to Arthur Scargill, note I didn’t say “to the miners”. As a miner’s daughter, I think I know what I am talking about.

Could it be because they are both female? It is quite a thought!