YP Letters: Why we are proud of Lord Mayor of Sheffield's white poppy stance

From: Wendy Cole, Willesden Lane, London.

Magid Magid wore a white poppy on Remembrance Sunday.

I write in support of the mayor of Sheffield and his decision to wear a white poppy (The Yorkshire Post, November 12).

I have always had issues with wearing a poppy but I still deeply respect what ordinary men and women sacrificed in the war, except of course they were far from ordinary. The photo I saw showed him behaving respectfully at the ceremony and he reportedly said he supports charities for ex-servicemen and women.

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I moved away from Sheffield, my much-loved home city over 40 years ago but if anything might draw me back it is Magid. He appears to have a very positive attitude and a great care and concern for the city and its citizens combined with a good sense of fun and humour, just the attitude needed in my opinion. I wish him well.

From: Dr Bob Banks, Sheffield.

I am delighted and proud that our Lord Mayor wore a white poppy for Remembrance Day.

The white poppy is about remembering all those who have died in war, and working for peace in future. If people disagree with this, they are entitled to their views, but similarly those of us who wish to express our remembrance in this way are entitled to.

From: F. Weir

Magid Magid has had criticism for his white peace poppy. But people forget that he had to flee from war as a refugee himself, so he knows war’s horrors better than most. The dead he remembers include his own family and friends. He has certainly earned the right to stand up for peace.