Polls apart on the road ahead

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From: ME Wright, Grove Road, Harrogate.

ERIC Pickles insists on “accountability” when it comes to funding long overdue transport improvements (Yorkshire Post, May 10).

Is anything less accountable to the public they are supposed to serve than the present set-up of railways and buses?

Will Mr Pickles’ definition of accountability ensure that any future fare increases or service cuts are determined by a referendum?

Nursing staff deserve praise

From: Mr and Mrs Blake, Cliff Road Gardens, Hyde Park, Leeds.

ONE hears a lot of negative things about hospitals and their staff, so here is something positive.

My wife Gladys has just spent 10 days in Ward 37 at Leeds General Infirmary with a broken hip. She is now recuperating at home. We cannot praise too highly the treatment and care she experienced whilst she was in there. Nothing was too much trouble for the caring staff.

Over the past decade we both have had major operations at the LGI, probably because of our ages. We are both in our mid 80s now.

Once again, many thanks to all the nursing staff.

Majesty at our own expense

From: G Ellison, Hawthorn Avenue, Dronfield.

I’VE no interest in the royals or the three mainstream parties, but no doubt on May 8 at the Queen’s Speech to Parliament she thanked the posh party for her £6m a year pay rise thanks to pensioners’ heating allowance being slashed, school students’ education maintenance allowance being stopped, local authorities’ grants cut back due to the bedroom tax.

Three cheers too to the wealthy having tax breaks and even more government borrowing to keep her in luxury and other benefit sanctions.