Pony survives after being set on fire by thugs

A pony called has survived a barbaric attack after it was doused in oil and set her on fire.

Picture shows Hope the pony that was found in Wakefield

The pony, named Hope, was treated for horrific burns after she was found tied to a tree, malnourished and extremely distressed.

Steph Broadhead, who rescued Hope after finding her tied up in Kirkthorpe near Wakefield, said: “I just can’t believe anyone would set a defenceless animal on fire and leave it to die.

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“When we found out what happened we wanted to help.

“As soon as I saw her I knew I could not leave her there.

“It was absolutely heart breaking to see her in that state.

“Luckily she is alive, but she is in a bad way.

“She has found her forever home now and we won’t be letting her go.”

Mrs Broadhead added: “We have called her Hope and she’s had what was left of her hair clipped to make treatment easier and was good as gold.”

Hope’s kind benefactors have also set up a Facebook page to raise money for the extensive care she will need to recover from her ordeal.

“My daughter set up the Facebook page because it’s going to cost a fortune in vet bills”, Steph added.

“Also our aim is to help raise awareness this horrible case of animal cruelty.

“We want to catch the disgusting people who did this.

“Any help that can be offered no matter how small towards her care would be truly appreciated.”

For more information or to donate search Help for Hope on Facebook.