Pothole repair crews doubled after deluge

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A COUNCIL has doubled the amount of staff on its pothole repairs teams to tackle damage caused by one of the wettest years on record.

There are now eight teams comprising a total of 20 staff working to fix potholes in the East Riding.

The council said excess water damages roads in a number of ways, such as freezing and expanding in small cracks, forcing the surface up through groundwater pressure, or softening aggregates in the foundations.

Nigel Leighton, director of environment and neighbourhood services at East Riding Council, said: “The infrastructure of the East Riding is a top priority for the council, with the highway network being vital for the local economy and the travelling public.

“The council is responsible for the maintenance of around 3,500 kilometres of highway network and, while the authority takes a pro-active approach to the upkeep of its highways through extensive surface dressing programmes, responds to hundreds of reports of potholes every year.

“Residents can report potholes to the council via the website or by calling the highways customer care line.”

The council investigated all 1,952 reports of pot holes made by members of the public last year, carrying out repairs where necessary.

It has also spent £36m on planned maintenance work over the last three years.

The council said: “Last year saw prolonged and heavy downpours resulting in water ingress into the carriageway. During freezing spells the water is turned to ice which expands to break down bonds in the tarmac layers and open up the cracks to form potholes.

“Since the beginning of January, the council has doubled the number of pothole response teams to eight and the level of inspections by the council on its most important routes has also been increased to identify those areas in need of most attention.”

To report a pothole call 0845 600 1666.