Praise for help for stammers

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From: Laura Palmer, Houston, Texas.

I ENJOYED your article “Speaker praises marvel of new speech therapy centre” (Yorkshire Post, December 2) as it was sent to me on an e-list for people who stammer.

Kudos to Speaker John Bercow and MP Ed Balls for standing up for people who stammer, both children and adults.

This new speech therapy centre should be the prototype for other countries to address not only the needs of people who stammer, but also people who have other types of speech problems.

A great supply of free resources on stuttering can be found on the website of The Stuttering Foundation (

Priorities on wrong line

From: David Cook, Swinton, South Yorkshire.

I WAS shocked to read of yet another attack on a woman at Wakefield Kirkgate station. This station is a disgrace, and it’s time Network Rail and WYPTE were brought to task and made to improve the station. Network Rail seem to have not got their priorities right. In comparison, they (along with SYPTE) are completely rebuilding Rotherham station, which did not need doing. This is at a cost of more than £3m. Surely it would have been better to have set a less expensive scheme at Rotherham, and used the balance to improve Kirkgate?

Reighto then

From: Stuart Tordoff, Lower Lane, Little Gomersal, Cleckheaton.

WITH reference to Ian McMillan’s column mentioning the song Sloop John B (Yorkshire Post, December 3), it reminded me of another song that had been earmarked to herald the launch of the Yorkshire currency, the Reighto. Sung to the tune of Green Grow the Rushes, O it starts with the line I’ll give you one, O. There may be some subsequent reference to fork ‘andles before moving on to the line I’ll give you Reighto. Quite why Sloop John B should remind me of Green Grow the Rushes, O I have no idea.

I do enjoy Ian’s columns.