Prayers for legendary Len and very nearly tears

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From: Brian H Sheridan, Redmires Road, Sheffield.

BEING a sports-mad little boy 
at about the same time as 
David Wood, I empathise 
with his contribution to the recent correspondence on Sir Leonard Hutton (Yorkshire Post, June 21).

Like David, I worshipped the great Yorkshire batsman, in my case literally, every night on my knees.

I also prayed for Doncaster heavyweight boxer Bruce Woodcock and Barnsley 
Football Club but nothing could bring me closer to tears than news that Len had been dismissed cheaply.

My favourite anecdote about my cricketing hero goes something like this: on his way home from a shift at the pit, a man is accosted by a friend. “Ahm reight sorry Ernest, but ’ave got some reight bad news for thi”

“What’s up?” asks Ernest anxiously.”

“Ahve just seen t’bloke from next door at it wi’ yor lass.”

“Thank God for that” replies Ernest.

“I thought tha wer gunna tell me ’Utton were out.”

From: Keith Hughes, Richmond, North Yorkshire.

NOW it looks like Joe Root will open for England in the Ashes series, may I implore cricket pundits not to put too much pressure on this young man?

Would Sir Len Hutton, amongst others, have withstood the media scrutiny that accompanies international cricket today?