Prescott blasts ‘gutless’ opponents of Labour leader Corbyn

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LABOUR veteran John Prescott has launched a withering attack on “gutless” MPs who he claims have been briefing in the media against Jeremy Corbyn since his surprise election as party leader in September.

Mr Corbyn has faced a barrage of criticism from within the Parliamentary Labour Party in recent months, much of it from anonymous sources, and Baron Prescott makes no secret of his disdain for such tactics.

Jeremy Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn

The former Hull East MP who served as deputy Prime Minister in Tony Blair’s Government has never been afraid to voice his opinion and believes the opponents of Mr Corbyn should demonstrate the same courage in their convictions by speaking openly about their opposition.

Interviewed on the RT current affairs programme Going Underground about the critical comments Mr Corbyn has faced, Baron Prescott said: “

“They never put their name on them! Put your damn name it it if you have got something to say.

“They are quite gutless, aren’t they? They’re just trying all the time to undermine someone who has been elected overwhelmingly.”

Baron Prescott was also scathing about the London-based media and their insularity, which is serving to portray an image of the Labour leader that is at odds with reality.

“The press are obsessed with Corby and they have taken the view that he’s a disaster: I say just wait and see what happens.

“They are in the London bubble most of the press, they reflect what they talk to each other about.

“They have came to say ‘This man is a disaster’ and some MPs are feeding it. He might be, I don’t know, but he’s entitled to put the case to the country and to the party.

“He is different and it looks like people seem to like a man who believes what he says. That’s Corbyn. I don’t know if it’s going to work out, I know it’s controversial but I do know he’s entitled to have a say.”