Prescott’s phone call to arms

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From: AW Clarke, Wold Croft, Sutton on Derwent.

THAT valiant class warrior Lord Prescott, he who sacrificed himself, despite long-held beliefs, in order to accept a life peerage, has been at the forefront of the campaign against “phone hacking”.

Make no mistake, this was a serious and worthy cause but one cannot but wonder that, had Lord Prescott himself not been involved, whether he would have been quite so vociferous in his protests.

Waste of energy

From: John Daniels, Carnaby, Bridlington.

CAN someone explain to me why the Government intends to spend £27m modifying a radar station, which works perfectly well, because of plans to build wind turbines which don’t. Surely, the money would be better spent developing energy systems that do not interfere with radar, kill birds, despoil the countryside, or run at 25 per cent efficiency before bursting into flames in high winds?

Last post

From: Sam Flint, Harrogate.

IT would surely be to Royal Mail’s financial advantage if they lowered the price of second class postage rather than the opposite (Yorkshire Post, January 21), which will only price themselves out of existence.

On the rocks

From: Jeremy Kilner, Choppards Mill, Holmfirth.

WE have lots of expressions like “Beware of Greeks bearing gifts”. We should add “Beware of Italians steering ships” to the list.