Presents stolen from delivery sack

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TWO thieves are being hunted after taking Christmas presents from a mail sack in York.

The pair, a man and a woman, were seen rooting through the sack which had fallen from a delivery van in York. Further investigations have revealed that the suspects had rummaged through the mail sack, opened the parcels and had stolen some of the contents.

Most of the stolen items were Christmas presents and included Paul Smith brown leather shoes and a Hugo Boss perfume gift set.

Officers were alerted after a member of the public reported seeing a man and woman acting suspiciously behind a storage container in the Salisbury Terrace area of York.

The offence happened on the morning of December 13, but police only released details yesterday.

The sack of parcels fell from the insecure door of a delivery van which was travelling in the Leeman Road, Garfield Terrace and Salisbury Terrace area. Both suspects are described as aged in their 20s. The man has shaved hair at the sides and back with longer hair on top. The woman has long dark hair and was wearing large gold earrings.