Pride in values that make us envy of the world

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From: John Watson, Leyburn.

BILL Carmichael has once again hit the nail on the head with his article about British values (The Yorkshire Post, June 13).

However, I don’t think he has gone far enough. The values of Christianity are being attacked by extremists who think their deity is paramount and others are non-events. Why do these “jihadists” want to come and live in this country? Is it because the most vulnerable in our population, the children, are easy targets for being indoctrinated with the values of a completely different culture?

That is what has being going on in Birmingham and it is frightening.

David Cameron has belatedly laid his cards on the table by saying extremism and division have no place in this country. He says our values of “tolerance to others, freedom of speech, accepting personal and social responsibility, and upholding the rule of law as it is here”. He says it was “a matter of pride and patriotism” to promote British values. We are about to commemorate the signing of the Magna Carta 800 years ago which said that nobody was above the law.

That is what makes this nation the envy of the world. Lenin, for all his misdemeanours once said: “He who wishes to see his country robbed of its rights and values cannot be a patriot.”