Primula experts’ Belgian mission

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A NORTH Yorkshire couple who have become world leaders in growing primula auricula flowers, have been invited to Belgium to help reintegrate them back in their country.

Robin and Annabel Graham have been growing the plants, which were brought to the UK from Belgium by Huguenot refugees in the Middle Ages, at their Drointon Nurseries near Ripon since 2003. Mr Graham is pictured with alpine auriculas grown at their nursery, which now produces about 10,000 plants a year.

Mrs Graham inherited an interest in auriculas from her mother, Lady Gillian Akroyd, who used to grow the flowers in her farm house at Killinghall, near Harrogate. Next month the couple are travelling to Belgium with several thousand plants after being asked for assistance by a Belgian count.

Picture: Gerard Binks.