Printing Charity’s floods grant help

Flooding in Kirkstall Road.  27 December 2015.  Picture Bruce Rollinson
Flooding in Kirkstall Road. 27 December 2015. Picture Bruce Rollinson
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The Printing Charity has launched an initiative to help those affected by the recent floods in the region.

The charity is offering grants of £250 to workers in print-related industries who have found their homes destroyed by flooding.

Stephen Gilbert, chief executive of The Printing Charity, said: “We’ve launched this emergency grant for people who are working in the industry or have worked in the industry and been hit by the flooding.”

Explaining the decision to launch the emergency grant, Mr Gilbert said: “They might have left their homes with very little so they need to go out and buy things, such as a change of clothing.

“If they’re staying in a Travelodge, staying with friends and family or even people they don’t know, sometimes just to be able to go out and have a meal and get out of that environment is really important and makes a big difference in what is a very high stress situation.”

The money will come from the charity but industry body CDi Yorkshire will be reaching out to their members to see if they need help.

Anyone who works in the printing, publishing, packaging, graphic art and the allied trades who has been hit by the flooding is able to apply for the grant of £250 to provide some short-term relief.

The charity also said that they were looking at long-term help for those affected by the floods.

For more information call The Printing Charity on 01293 649368 or email