Prize for the worst of 16 airports goes to...

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From: Alan Watson, Weetwood Lane, Leeds.

I HAVE used 16 different airports this year and there is no doubt which gets the prize for giving the customer the worst deal: it’s Leeds Bradford International Airport.

First there’s the £2 drop-off charge for the taxi. Then there is the machine offering two security plastic bags for £1: contrast Budapest, Heathrow or Charles de Gaulle where the plastic bags are offered free by smiling staff. At least one knows about these scams and the charges are open.

But that involving the euro cash machine is more insidious. On May 3, the rate offered was E1.08 for £1 compared with E1.18 per £1 in Amsterdam, including all charges: someone is making nine per cent. I thought West Yorkshire was keen to promote business links with the rest of the world: who has decided that this rip-off culture is the way to do it? And when will they get the escalator at gate 5 working reliably?

From: Hilary Andrews, Wentworth Court, Nursery Lane, Leeds.

HOW I agree with Baroness Betty Boothroyd (Tom Richmond, Yorkshire Post, June 2) about travel insurance. We must stop thinking that we have the resources to take care of all the people of the world who come here with health problems and get free treatment.

We have to take out medical insurance when we travel and visitors here should have mandatory insurance or cash to cover any medical conditions they have or develop. We cannot be Grandma to the world.