Project brings Bible ‘out of the closet’

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ACADEMICS at a Yorkshire university are planning a project which they claim will bring the Bible “out of the closet” and offer new perspectives on its teachings about homosexuality.

According to Sheffield University, the Hidden Perspectives workshops aim to “challenge the assumptions often made in mainstream readings of the Bible, which can leave some lesbian, gay bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people alienated”.

It will be led by Dr Katie Edwards, from the universities department of biblical studies, and will be launched today, with its first major event planned for Saturday, June 1.

Dr Edwards said: “The rationale for the project is to resist dominant interpretations of biblical text, but to do so without hostility, to open discussion rather than to close it down.

“The project is timely and topical given the recent Government consultation on equal civil marriage and the fierce debate provoked by the Church of England response.”

The event on June 1 at Sheffield’s Showroom Cinema will include a performance from Broadway actor Dominic Mattos, who styles himself the Angel Gaybrial.