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Jonny Phillips, director at headoffice3 in Leeds
Jonny Phillips, director at headoffice3 in Leeds
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What are the prospects for the property sector in Yorkshire and Humber?

It will remain busy and competitive. There are major development schemes in the pipeline countywide and hopefully this can be supplied and delivered to keep up with demand.

What is the best project you have been involved in?

My first major office to residential scheme, Dawsons Square in Pudsey. I think we may have saved the local community a lot of pain, nuisance and issues which would have arisen, short, mid and possibly even long term.

What is your favourite building in the region and why?

Victoria Tower on Castle Hill in Huddersfield. The site has been occupied since the iron age and provides fantastic views of the town and Yorkshire’s only Premier League football stadium.

If you could change one thing to improve the property industry in this region, what would it be?

The planning process. We need to look at the full picture and see how we can get the right developments delivered faster with less obstacles.

Whom has inspired you?

My former CBRE colleague Kevin Bramley. He has been involved in some of the most successful developments across the region.