Protester’s fracking song strikes wrong note

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A CAMPAIGNER arrested in the middle of a song has become the third anti-fracking demonstrator to be held in East Yorkshire.

Darren Nesbit, from Manchester, was playing guitar when he was arrested in Beverley town centre for alleged “abusive language in a song”.

Mr Nesbit, part of the anti-fracking camp at Crawberry Hill, near Walkington, has previously demonstrated with other group members at Barton Moss, Salford, against energy company IGas testing for shale gas.

He said he had been playing for a couple of hours on Saturday when he was arrested. Mr Nesbitt who has been charged under section five of the Public Order Act said he would be pleading not guilty when he appears before Beverley magistrates on June 12.

He said: “When we started at Barton Moss, there was something like 55/60 per cent in favour of fracking; by the time we finished 73 per cent were against and that is our aim for this camp.”

Humberside Police had responded to calls from shopkeepers about noise and disruption.

Rathlin Energy, the firm behind the scheme, has repeatedly insisted it is not and will not be fracking at either of its East Yorkshire sites. But campaigners believe a “mini fall off” test to be conducted in rock with “extremely low permeability” “to help determine whether the formation is capable of being hydraulically fractured” will be a precursor to large-scale fracking.