Protesters end ‘successful occupation’ of Leds city square

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the Occupy Leeds protest has come to an end after organisers quit the camp.

Yesterday, no trace of the occupation was to be seen in City Square, where the group had been camping since November in protest against corporate greed and inequality.

A statement from Occupy Leeds said its time in City Square had been a “successful occupation” and that it was now leaving “in order to concentrate on alternative tactics”.

Meetings will continue to be held in the square on Saturdays and Wednesdays.

Meanwhile, a separate protest in Sheffield is continuing despite a threats of legal action from Sheffield Cathedral, outside which the camp is based.

The Dean of Sheffield, the Very Rev Peter Bradley, said he shared the concerns of protesters but said their presence “has caused disruption to the cathedral’s work”.

“Services have been interrupted, staff time has been taken up with ensuring public safety on the forecourt, bookings for school visits and for our conference facilities have declined,” he added.

He said that if the protesters did not leave within a week it would begin legal proceedings against them.

The protests follow numerous other similar camps across the world, most notably on Wall Street in New York City and outside St Paul’s Cathedral in London.