Pub review: The Hugh Fitz Baldric of Cottingham, Hull

First up, no, I haven't got a clue what they were thinking with the name, but new micro-pub The Hugh Fitz Baldric of Cottingham has such an unwieldy mouthful of a name, I hope it gets given a nickname soon.


There is precedent. The nearby King William IV is known by everyone in town as the King Billy, so maybe the Hugh Fitz Baldric of Cottingham will get shortened to the Hugh Fitz or similar.

The pub itself is a converted shop on Hallgate. There are seats for a couple of dozen people, a whole wall featuring nothing but mirrors, a bar and that’s about it.

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The nine or ten hand pulls are sourced partly from local breweries but mainly nationals, and the ciders are, sadly, limited to a couple of fizzy offerings on pump and variations of a single, sweet brand in boxes. There is a prosaic range of spirits and, notably, gins (as is the vogue these days) and the food offering is limited to crisps and nuts.

Regular music nights have already proven popular and the large beer garden was much in use over the long, hot summer.

The Hugh Fitz is the sister pub of the Hed’on Inn in (you’ve guessed it) Hedon and that has been very successful on the other side of Hull. Here’s hoping the same success can be replicated in Cottingham. The self-styled “largest village in England” has been a one-brewery place for too long now so hopefully the Hugh Fitz can exploit this gap in the market and bring new booze options to Cottingham’s more discerning residents.

144 Hallgate, Cottingham, Hull HU16 4BB.


Welcome 3/5

Drinks selection 3/5

Atmosphere 3/5

Prices 3/5