Pupil ‘burnt in bid to lose hair extensions’

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A FURIOUS mother claims a teacher burned her daughter’s head using laboratory equipment in an attempt to melt her coloured hair extensions out.

Susan Blades-Wilkinson says the teacher then forced her 13-year-old daughter Courtney, and with her friend, who also had the extensions put in, to take turns cutting each others’ out.

Mrs Blades-Wilkinson, 40, claims she has rejected an apology from the Graham School in Scarborough, and is demanding disciplinary action be taken against the teacher she says is responsible.

“For a teacher to drag two children down to a science laboratory, sit them down and try to melt glue from their heads is disgusting,” she said.

“I had already spoken with the deputy head teacher who said the girls would be fine with the extensions as there was only a few days until half term.”

Headteacher Gary Hancock said the school was “aware of the incident” and it was under investigation.