Puzzle of pet rat left in lay-by

INSPECTORS from the RSPCA are appealing for help to solve the mystery of a pet rat which was abandoned in his cage in a lay-by in Mastin Moor, near Chesterfield.

Remy, as he was named by RSPCA staff, was found by a member of the public near a pile of rubbish in the lay-by on Renishaw Road and appears to have been "very well looked after" prior to being dumped.

Animal welfare officer Andy Sowden, said: "Normally when an animal is abandoned, we usually find that they are in a poor condition.

"Yet, in the case of Remy, he is a really healthy and friendly rat. That's why it makes it more difficult to understand why he was abandoned."

Call the RSPCA on 0300 1234999.