Puzzled by the travellers who stay at Dale Farm

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From: Barrie Frost, Watson’s Lane, Reighton, Filey.

I DO not understand the occupiers of the Dale Farm site.

They call themselves “travellers” who are following a lifestyle which is “in their blood”, a chosen path which gives them total freedom unlike those who choose a more permanent residence.

Now, this is what puzzles me. I always thought that travellers were people who did just that – travelled. The Dale Farm site residents cannot be travellers for they have lived there on a permanent basis for many, many years, indeed, for much longer than many local householders.

Isn’t it far more accurate to describe them as a band of settlers who have taken it upon themselves to set up an illegal site on green belt land, to either import or construct dwellings without seeking planning permission?

As for the only true travellers – the rabble calling themselves protesters, I have no sympathy or respect.

Such people seem to have adopted the roll of protester as a way of life, ever present if they can antagonise the authorities – I wonder how they pay their way?

I am sure if the reverse situation occurred – if Basildon Council was proposing to actually build on green belt land, they would be getting out their chains and locks with similar haste. Why not leave the oaf who has concreted his arm in a barrel alone for a few days and release him only when the money is found to pay for this?

Perhaps we should learn from this whole sorry case, with the appropriate councils able to ask the police to immediately evict anyone from occupying land illegally without all the farce and costs of very lengthy court proceedings.

Those who commit illegal occupations always place the blame for the costs of their removal on others when it is they, and only they, who are responsible.