Pyper to promote the apocalypse

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YORK-BASED public relations and marketing agency, Pyper York Limited, has been appointed to develop a creative approach to the apocalypse, due to take place in February 2014.

The appointment was made by York Archaeological Trust, organisers of the annual Jorvik Viking Festival.

The 2014 festival – which will be the 30th annual winter festival hosted by the Jorvik Viking Centre – will be themed around Norse myths and legends, with the grand finale event taking place on February 22, 2014 recreating Ragnarok, which is the Viking apocalypse, when the gods fall and the world is reborn.

“You could say that handling PR for the apocalypse is the ultimate job for any agency, as it could well be the last and biggest story ever, but we’re happy that we’ve got 100 days to co-ordinate the countdown to Ragnarok and indeed, we’ll have a full week of the Jorvik Viking Festival – from Beowulf to best beard competitions – to celebrate before we reach the end,” said Jay Commins of Pyper York.

The 100-day countdown to the end of days started on Thursday.