Queen becomes a Bond girl

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The Queen made her movie acting debut as she joined James Bond in a surprise addition to the spectacular opening ceremony.

In a scene filmed in advance and screened for the first time last night, Bond actor Daniel Craig arrived at Buckingham Palace in a dinner jacket and meets the Queen.

“Good evening Mr Bond,” she says, before they leave together, apparently flying away in a helicopter towards the Olympic Stadium. Back in real time, to peels of laughter and delight from the crowd, “the Queen” followed by “Bond”, parachuted from a helicopter towards the stadium, held aloft by Union Flag parachutes.

Seconds later the real Queen and Prince Philip received a standing ovation as they entered the arena.

The stunt, which left the audience awe-struck, was the brainchild of Danny Boyle. “The Queen made herself more accessible then ever before,” Boyle said.