Questions over cycle tour plan

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From: Dr and Mrs FR Turner, Cropton, Pickering.

YOU seem very excited about the attempt to bring the Tour de France to Yorkshire (Yorkshire Post, March 28).

We have questions. First, why involve taxpayers? We don’t subsidise football or cricket.

Second, who is going to remove the graffiti from the roads and the empty water bottles after the event? The French don’t see to bother.

Thirdly, who is going to pay for the extra costs to drivers involved in the many diversions?

You surely know that French roads are much emptier than ours.

Cut hangers-on at sport shows

From: K Kilner, Norwood Drive, Barugh Green, Barnsley.

IF the BBC needs to save millions of pounds (Yorkshire Post, March 28), they are barking up the wrong tree by cuts to 140 journalists.

The first thing to cut is the hangers-on at Final Score and Match of the Day.

It does not need three people to let us know how our teams are doing.

And if Mr G Lineker can’t do the job on his own, he should go back to Walkers.

Near miss for car driver

From: John H Britland, Greenfield Park Drive, York.

I HOPE that the car driver who nearly caused a serious accident last Thursday identifies himself with the following details.

While driving towards York on the A1079 at about 10.15am, I was horrified to see a car pull out from behind a lorry, coming towards me, causing me to swerve and miss by inches.

Such recklessness could have caused this letter to have been replaced by an obituary notice.