Questions remain unanswered over changing climate

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From: GJC Reid, Mayfield Road, Whitby.

SO, the climate change people are at it again.

Do they not realise that the climate has been changing since time began and will continue to do so probably in spite of mankind rather than because of. So the world is warming, since when? When is their base date?

They also appear to ignore the lack of any meaningful temperature rise in the last couple of decades, although I did hear one pundit on the radio recently allege today’s climate was due to events in the ‘90s, when the temperature began to stabilise.

How do they explain the higher and lower temperatures in medieval times when grapes grew in Yorkshire and the Thames regularly froze – long before industrialisation?

If carbon dioxide is such a problem, why are we continuing to hack down the rain forests? Why is there no suggestion of reforestation instead of deforestation? Why do we have so many firework displays? Was there any increase in global temperature during both World Wars when industrial output was at a high and millions of tons of explosives were set off?

If the current lack of temperature rise represents a peak and it starts to fall at some time in the future, will they advocate the mass burning of fossil fuels to raise the level of CO2 to restore the temperature?

I feel they are making statements to suit their own agenda. Man cannot meaningfully affect the climate, we should be bending our best efforts to adapting to the changes.

From: Brian Fleming, Rothbury Gardens, Adel, Leeds.

CAN SOMEONE explain to me the workings of the financial minds of the Treasury?

We put £55m per day into staying members of the European Union and yet, faced with a modest bill to keep our coal industry alive and well, we back off.

The people in Parliament who regularly twist their expenses are the very same people that are sat there doing sweet nothing for a vital industry.

From: Roger M Dobson, Ash Street, Crosshills, Keighley.

THE miners at Kellingley Colliery are as barmy as their former leader Arthur Scargill was.

Do these fools who are usually intelligent realise that they are literally cutting their own financial throats? David Cameron had no need to offer them loans of £10m and has only tried to treat them fairly.