Quiz of the week

Curvy croissants, fed-up fans and a tantrum on Twitter '“ test your knowledge of the week's news

Andy Murray and his wife Kim welcomed a daughter into the world this week. But what have they called her?

1. What name did tennis star Andy Murray and his wife Kim choose for their new-born daughter?

a) Freya

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b) Sophia

c) Alexandra

d) Grace

2. How much did average earnings increase in the UK last year according to the Office for National Statistics?

a) 0.9 per cent

b) 1.4 per cent

c) 1.9 per cent

d) 2.4 per cent

3. Which publication did the Duchess of Cambridge guest edit on Wednesday?

a) Daily Mail

b) The Times

c) The Huffington Post

d) The Yorkshire Post

4. Which beach was named the best in the UK for a second successive year?

a) Woolacombe Beach, Devon

b) Weymouth Beach, Dorset

c) St Brelade’s Bay Beach, Jersey

d) Rhossili Bay, Swansea

5. Which pastime could become an Olympic sport if a new campaign is successful?

a) Sheep Dog trials

b) Bridge

c) Chess

d) Bellringing

6. How much was it calculated that it costs to raise a child in Yorkshire from birth to the age of 21?

a) £168,432

b) £195,721

c) £214,559

d) £221,073

7. Tesco announced it is to stop selling curved croissants. What reason did it give?

a) Customers prefer spreading jam on straighter ones.

b) They were difficult to stack on shelves.

c) The supermarket’s French supplier stopped making them.

d) Straight ones are easier to bake.

8. Frank Spencer will return to our television screens for a Sport Relief special next month, four decades after the final episode of Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em. What was the name of his long suffering wife?

a) Edna

b) Betty

c) Wilma

d) Deidre

9. How did Leeds United fans call for club owner Massimo Cellino to sell up?

a) Boycotting a match

b) Streaking at half-time

c) Burning their replica shirts

d) Beaming messages on to the stadium roof

10. Which national newspaper did Johnston Press, owners of The Yorkshire Post, announce it was buying?

a) The Mirror

b) The i

c) The Independent

d) The Sun

11. Who announced they were leaving Twitter after being criticised for a joke about a winner’s dress sense at the Baftas?

a) Graham Norton

b) Russell Brand

c) Stephen Fry

d) Leonardo DiCaprio

Answers: 1. b – Sophia. 2. c – 1.9 per cent. 3. c – The Huffington Post. 4. a – Woolacombe. 5. d – Bellringing. 6. c – £214,559. 7. a – Customers prefer spreading jam on straighter ones. 8. b – Betty. 9. d – Beaming messages on to the stadium roof. 10. b – The i. 11. c – Stephen Fry.