Quiz of the week: A royal snub, a BBC star defects and the return of 007

How well do you remember the biggest news stories from this week?

Is Daniel Craig looking forward to another outing as James Bond? See question 11. (Mark Garten/United Nations via AP)

1) Leeds mother-of-three Nadiya Hussain said she “would never put boundaries on myself again” after winning which popular television show this week?

a) Masterchef

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b) The Great British Menu

c) The Great British Bake Off

d) The Apprentice

2) Which ac tor claimed to have delivered a baby in the street, even biting the umbilical cord with his teeth?

a) John Hurt

b) Terence Stamp

c) Benedict Cumberbatch

d) Brian Blessed

3) The sun finally set on a well-known travel brand this week after 50 years. But which one was it?

a) Monarch

b) Cosmos

c) Thomas Cook

d) First Choice

4) Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn was accused of snubbing the Queen this week. What did he do?

a) Declined to attend Privy Council

b) Refused to sing the National Anthem again

c) Failed to bow when he met her

d) Called her by her first name.

5) David Cameron delivered a stirring speech at the Conservative Party Conference on Wednesday. In it, he pledged that he had “no romantic attachment” to what?

a) Nato

b) The Euopean Union

c) Trident

d) His wife Samantha

6) This weekend sees the culmination of the rugby league season with the Super League Grand Final. Which Yorkshire club take on Wigan at Old Trafford tomorrow?

a) Hull FC

b) Bradford Bulls

c) Castleford Tigers

d) Leeds Rhinos

7) In what is being hailed a major breakthrough, scientists say they have come up with a £5 blood test that can reveal what?

a) If chest pains are a heart attack

b) How long someone will live

c) Whether someone should diet

d) If you’re descended from royalty

8) Which well-known BBC journalist signed for rivals ITV this week in a deal worth a rumoured £750,000 a year?

a) Nick Robinson

b) Jeremy Paxman

c) Robert Peston

d) Fiona Bruce

9) Fifa president Sepp Blatter, who has been at the centre of corruption allegations, was this week suspended by the governing body. How long for?

a) Three years

b) Three weeks

c) Three months

d) Life

10) The Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee has once again voted to keep interest rates at a record low of 0.5 per cent. When did they first reach this level?

a) January 2010

b) March 2009

c) December 2008

d) May 2011

11) When asked if he wanted to continue playing secret agent James Bond, what was actor Daniel Craig’s response?

a) “I would love to”

b) “I’ll think about it”

c) “My wife won’t let me”

d) “I’d rather slash my wrists”


1) c – The Great British Bake Off. 2) d – Brian Blessed. 3) b – Cosmos. 4) a – declined to attend Privy Council. 5) b – The European Union. 6) d – Leeds Rhinos. 7) a – a heart attack. 8) c – Robert Peston. 9) c – Three months. 10) b – March 2009. 11) d – “I’d rather slash my wrists”.