Quiz of the week: Test your knowledge of the last seven days

From sweet rustlers to sex scenes and Steven Gerrard how much do you remember of the stories which made this week's headlines?

Steven Gerrard announced his retirement this week. Peter Byrne/PA Wire.

1. Who said this this week: “It’s certainly different to when I grew up. It’s all in this sort of politically correct thing where everyone has to win a prize. All the little boys in the class have to go home with a first place trophy.”

a) Jeremy Clarkson

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b) Oprah Winfrey

The Government is to invest £8m into Wentworth Woodhouse.

c) Donald Trump

d) Clint Eastwood

2. What did Government ministers say patients visiting their GP might have to take with them in future?

a) Colouring books

Chancellor Philip Hammond delivered the last Autumn Statement. Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

b) Passports

c) A ‘health’ diary

d) Smartphones

3. Which British celebrity is to host the next Grammy Awards?

The Government is to invest £8m into Wentworth Woodhouse.

a) Jeremy Clarkson

b) James Corden

c) Jamie Oliver

d) Jude Law

Chancellor Philip Hammond delivered the last Autumn Statement. Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

4. The skeleton of which extinct animal was sold at auction for £280,000?

a) Woolly mammoth

b) Great auk

c) Tasmanian tiger

d) Dodo

5. NATO has been in the news this week after Donald Trump questioned the US’s role in the group. Of its overall $900bn annual budget, how much does the UK contribute?

a) $60bn

b) $80bn

c) $100bn

d) $200bn

6. And in other US election news, which state was facing a recount after the Green Party candidate said the narrow result needed closer examination.

a) Ohio

b) Florida

c) Wisconsin

d) Michigan

7. Which actress said this week that she is frustrated with the number of role she is offered which include sex scenes?

a) Emily Blunt

b) Billie Piper

c) Katherine Kelly

d) Sheridan Smith

8. And talking of actress, which veteran of the boards hit the headlines after calling for sweets and crisps to be banned in theatres.

a) Brenda Blethyn

b) Imelda Staunton

c)Julie Walters

d) Helen Mirren

9. Philip Hammond delivered the final ever Autumn Statement, but how much did he say would be added to the national debt over the next five years.

a) £110bn

b) £220bn

c) £330bn

d) £440bn

10. The Chancellor also announced that £8m is to be spent restoring the South Yorkshire stately home Wentworth Woodhouse, but which famous literary home is it said to have inspired.

a) Manderley in Rebecca

b) Thornfield Hall in Jayne Eyre

c) Pemberley in Pride and Prejudice

d) Satis House in Great Expectations

11. Steven Gerrard announced his retirement, but how many games has he played for Liverpool.

a) 710

b) 720

c) 730

d) 740