Quizof the week: Donald Trump, the Grand National and a Yorkshire village for sale

Actress Gwyneth Paltrow has revealed an unusual beauty regime. (PA).
Actress Gwyneth Paltrow has revealed an unusual beauty regime. (PA).
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How many questions can you get right?

1. Law firm Mossack Fonseca was in the news this week after a leak of 11 million documents revealed its role in setting up secretive offshore companies. In which country is it based?

The whole village of West Heslerton in North Yorkshire is up for sale. (PA).

The whole village of West Heslerton in North Yorkshire is up for sale. (PA).

a) Columbia

b) Paraguay

c) Peru

d) Panama

2. The Masters golf tournament concludes this weekend. Who was the last British winner to don the famous Green Jacket?

a) Ian Woosnam

b) Sandy Lyle

c) Nick Faldo

d) Colin Montgomerie

3. Which long-running soap stirred up controversy when its character Helen Titchener stabbed her husband Rob after she was the victim of domestic violence?

a) EastEnders

b) The Archers

c) Emmerdale

d) Coronation Street

4. It’s the Grand National tomorrow, but in which year was the world’s most famous horse race abandoned after a series of mishaps at the start?

a) 1993

b) 1995

c) 1997

d) 1999

5. Donald Trump suffered a blow to his hopes of running for the White House when he lost to rival Ted Cruz in a primary contest in which US state?

a) Wyoming

b) Washington

c) Wisconsin

d) West Virginia

6. The mother of which England cricketer phoned in to a New Zealand radio station to complain about criticism of her son?

a) Joe Root

b) Ben Stokes

c) Eoin Morgan

d) Stuart Broad

7. Which television talent show was rocked this week by the news that Cheryl Fernandez-Versini was stepping down as a judge?

a) The X Factor

b) The Voice

c) Britain’s Got Talent

d) Pop Idol

8. Which railway pioneer, designer of the Mallard, had a statue erected in his honour at King’s Cross Station?

a) Robert Stevenson

b) George Hudson

c) George Leeman

d) Sir Nigel Gresley

9. The village of West Heslerton in North Yorkshire has gone up for sale. How much are owners the Dawnay family asking for it?

a) £10m

b) £20m

c) £30m

d) £40m

10. Hollywood actress Gwyneth Paltrow revealed her latest unusual beauty regime this week, called apitherapy. What does it involve?

a) Bathing in goat’s milk

b) Being sucked by leeches

c) Being stung by bees

d) Drinking chlorophyll

ANSWERS: 1) D - Panama. 2) C - Nick Faldo. 3) B - The Archers. 4) A - 1993. 5) C - Wisconsin. 6) B - Ben Stokes. 7) A - The X Factor. 8) D - Sir Nigel Gresley. 9) B - £20m. 10) C - Being stung by bees.