Quo hunt for stunt ‘double’

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Status QUO star Rick Parfitt has revealed he used a “double” for some scenes in his movie debut – who is actually black.

The guitarist, whose film Bula Quo receives its premiere in London today, said they got in a replacement after he hurt himself during filming in Fiji

Despite his entirely different skin colour, the film crew simply popped on a wig to give the impression it was the veteran rocker.

However the band failed to get his name and want him to get in touch so they can give him a copy of the film.

Parfitt said: “I’d kind of hurt my leg doing some stunts. So we got this stunt double in and he’s a black guy with a blond wig on
 and, you know what, from that day to this I still don’t know his name.”

They are now hoping the mystery double will come forward.