Race-hate cases on the increase

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From: David Quarrie, Lynden Way, Acomb, York.

THE Crime Prosecution Service have just released figures that show in 2011, there were 13,762 prosecutions for race hate crimes, and that was the highest figure in the last seven years.

They say that they are “pleased” that so many cases came to court.

It would seem to me to clearly show and indicate that the problem is far from just being in football, and that all the authorities attempts to cure this malaise, are not working.

These crimes will be with us forever, and the reasons are obvious, the main one being that it is impossible to legislate for people to like one another. Sad but true.

Good reason to be happy

From: Timothy Kirkhope, MEP for Yorkshire and the Humber, Main Street, Scotton, North Yorkshire.

I AM not surprised that York, Huddersfield and Harrogate are some of the happiest places to live according to a survey carried out by the housing index Rightmove.

The people of Yorkshire are incredibly proud of where they live and the region’s towns and cities have got a lot to offer.

We must harness some of this positive spirit to make sure that the region is seen the same way by those outside it.

I hope that this news will help to attract people and businesses to these areas.

And it would be lovely to think that this might attract holidaymakers who are already looking to make their summer plans!

As time goes by

From: Doreen Illingworth, Belvedere Road, Bridlington.

I WAS delighted to read in the Culture supplement (Yorkshire Post, February 10) that Casablanca is celebrating its 70th anniversary.

I first saw it with my friend at the Regal Cinema, Wakefield, in 1942. We were thrilled with it, so much so we stayed in to watch it again – the programme was continuous.

Since then I have watched it many times. I can quote large chunks of the dialogue.

Hopefully, I shall manage to see it again.