Racing is coming back to Oliver's Mount in Scarborough in 2019

Top-class racing is set to return to Oliver’s Mount later this year as a newly-formed motorcyle club has said there will be action at the circuit in 2019.

Eddie Roberts, Shaun Dalton (chairman of the One Nine Four Six Marshals Association) and Mick Grant. Photo by GTHpicsnaps.

Former Grand Prix racer Eddie Roberts, who is part of the team bringing motorsport back to Scarborough, said: “We are 100% confident racing will take place at Oliver’s Mount this year.”

His colleague Mick Grant, a seven-time Isle of Man TT winner, said: “We couldn’t let this historic track crumble into the history books.”

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Two Four Three Road Racing Association has the full backing of Scarborough Borough Council and is looking to hold the Barry Sheene Classic in July and The Gold Cup at the end of September.

The council will grant a lease to GrantRoberts Ltd to operate at the track as Two Four Three Road Racing Association. It is run by the two former racers who said today was an ‘emotional and significant day’ as they announced their plans.

Eddie said: “Behind the scenes there have been months and months of planning to get us to this stage and there are a huge number of people I need to thank, including Shaun Dalton and the One Nine Four Six Marshals Association.

“We are working side-by-side with the ACU and work is already underway to improve the safety of the track for both for riders and spectators.

“We know it’s a huge task to undertake, but we are 100% confident racing will take place at Oliver’s Mount this year.”

Oliver’s Mount hosted its first race in 1946 and it is thought until last year, the circuit was contributing around £1.4million annually to the local conomy.

Mick added: “I watched my first road race at Oliver’s Mount in short pants back in the early ‘50s and it ignited my passion for racing.

“We need road racing in England, it’s one of the finest tracks in the world and it’s unique.

“I can’t wait to hear and witness classic and modern bikes race around this demanding track once again.”