Rain showers not here for long, says Met Office

FROM RECORD breaking temperatures to thunderstorms and downpours, what a difference a week makes.

The downpours continued in Leeds city centre today. Pic: Simon Hulme

The summer sunshine Yorkshire basked in just last week is a distant memory today, with highs of around 16 degrees Celsius as showers and grey skies dominate.

Seven days earlier the region basked in heat of up to 32 degrees - the warmest day of the year so far and the country’s hottest July day ever, with the mercury topping 36.7 degrees at Heathrow.

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While no new heatwave is on the horizon, forecasters said, there are signs of a return to more seasonal conditions.

The Met Office predicted fine and dry conditions across Yorkshire tomorrow as temperatures rise from a cool start to a high of 19 degrees.

Dan Williams, spokesman for the Met Office, explained why Yorkshire had experienced contrasting conditions over the last week.

“Last week we saw a plume of warmer air from the continent moving over the country from the south. But when air moves in from the north, as we’ve seen this week across northern and eastern parts, we see cooler than average temperatures.”

He said temperatures should return to around the 20 degrees July average next week after a mixed start.

“The early signs from the middle of next week onwards is for fine weather.”