Raising a glass to 60 years of the Landlord

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IT is not only Her Majesty the Queen celebrating a Diamond Jubilee this year – it is also 60 years since Timothy Taylor’s Landlord was first brewed, writes Bernard Ginns.

The strong pale ale has won numerous industry awards and legions of fans since Philip Taylor, the former managing director, decided to create a premium bottled beer in 1952.

The beer was launched on to the market as Competition Ale with drinkers invited to come up with a name.

The steward of Keighley’s Drill Hall Club won £500 – £10,000 in today’s money – with his suggestion of Landlord.

Philip’s art student daughter, Roberta, devised the famous label featuring the jovial landlord. Known as Bobs, she is now in her 80s and lives in Sussex.

Sidney Fairclough, head brewer from 1954 to 1966, launched the draft version. Successors Allan Hey and Peter Eells have continued to refine the beer.

Charles Dent, managing director (above), said the family-owned brewer only uses the finest natural ingredients and allows full time for the ales to ferment and mature.

“As we celebrate another milestone in the history of Timothy Taylor we look forward to Landlord’s continued success over the next sixty years,” he added.