Rapist they let out to see Harry Potter spied on teenage girl in cinema

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A CONVICTED rapist who spied on a girl in a cinema toilet in Hull during an escorted trip from a secure unit has been barred from going out in public, a court heard today.

Steveland Robinson, 25, admitted a charge of voyeurism at Hull Crown Court earlier this year. He is a convicted rapist being held under an indefinite hospital order.

When he appeared in court in January, Judge Michael Mettyear demanded those responsible for the patient to explain to him how the incident could have been allowed to happen.

The court heard Robinson was escorted to Cineworld in Hull in July last year to watch Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows: Part Two.

He was allowed to go to the toilet by himself and went into the ladies where he saw the teenage girl, who complained.

Today, Judge Mettyear said he was satisfied with the restrictions placed on Robinson since he was moved from the Humber Centre in Hull to Stockton Hall in North Yorkshire.

The judge said: “What I was really concerned with in this case was the circumstances that this occurred in. I really wanted to know whether there were in place ways of reducing risk and whether those had been reviewed as a result of this case.”

A letter from Dr Caroline Bradley, consultant forensic psychiatrist at Stockton Hall, was read out in court. It outlined the restrictions placed on Robinson.

It said: “Mr Robinson currently has no access to the community either escorted or un-escorted.

“I would not expect this situation to change until there is a significant reduction in his risk to the public.

“I would expect that access to the community in the future will only begin after a period of relaxation in the facility.”

The judge said: “That stalls the fears that I have and I am very pleased.”

Robinson received a 12-month conditional discharge. He will remain at the secure unit until the Home Office approves his release.