Rare wines found in secret hotel cellar

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A remarkable collection of priceless bottles of wines, champagnes and brandies from across the world has been discovered gathering dust in a hotel cellar.

The 3,000 bottles of plonk includes two rare 100-year-old Hine Grande Champagne brandy worth around £3,000 each.

The secret stash was discovered hidden under the posh four-star Evesham Hotel in Worcestershire last month after owner John Jenkinson, 65, retired.

New manager David Field, 50, was inspecting the hotel’s wine and brandy collection when he discovered a secret cellar concealed behind a stack of boxes.

He said: “John has been secretly collecting this wine for over 40 years.

“Some of the bottles are very rare and date back over a century.

“John has never told anyone else about the collection – it was his little secret, I suppose.

“This is an absolute treasure trove for a connoisseur.”