Reading and playing piano – answer to poor TV

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From: Don Burslam, Elm Road, Dewsbury Moor, Dewsbury.

AS predictably as the appearance of the crocus in the New Year we read the letters from Father McNicholas (Yorkshire Post, December 30) and Karl Sheridan (December 31), among others, complaining about the low standard of the TV programmes offered over the festive period.

I agree with Father McNicholas about the offensiveness of the material now being churned out.

I would add, though, that those dissatisfied could just switch off or do something more rewarding. Personally I have formed a pretty reliable opinion of the programme or performers I dislike and am readily able to amuse myself reading or playing the piano which is far more constructive than staring at the idiot’s lantern in the corner.

On a positive note, I have just watched the marvellous classic David Copperfield. What wonderful entertainment. Nearly 80 years have passed and there’s nothing to be seen in this class today.

Such is progress. Yes, it’s only an old film but we must be thankful for small mercies. I wonder what or who will survive to become all-time legends like, say, Morecambe and Wise? A pretty short list I would have thought.

From: T Thomas, Stradbroke Avenue, Sheffield.

WHOEVER at the BBC commissioned The Royal Bodyguard, featuring Sir David Jason, should be dismissed. It has to be one of the worst new “comedies” of recent times – and that is going some.