Record Lotto win will save our home, say Scarborough couple

A YORKSHIRE couple who helped the National Lottery break the world record for the most millionaires created in a single draw said the win would save their home.

Grandparents Derek and Sandra Streets faced losing the bungalow in which they had planned to spend the rest of their lives.

Quotations manager Derek had been forced to remortgage the two-bedroom property after the company he worked for went bust, owing him thousands in wages.

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Now he and Sandra, who celebrate their ruby wedding anniversary this July, can afford to stay close to family and friends - and the local pub - in Scarborough, for good.

The happy couple were celebrating "the best Christmas ever" after discovering they were one of 25 1 million winners of the Christmas Eve EuroMillions Millionaire Raffle.

They were the 19th winners to come forward, setting a new world record.

National Lottery chiefs said six winners had still to make themselves known and urged people to check for the winning tickets.

Derek, 61, and Sandra, 62, played online and received an email on Christmas Day to say they had won.

It was only by chance that Derek, who was laid low by flu, entered the draw.

The father-of-two said: "I had the flu - proper flu, not man-flu - and felt too ill to go out with my sons on Christmas Eve as I usually would.

"I entered one set of numbers which were the usual ones, our birthdays and things like that, then on impulse entered another random set too.

"I was still feeling too ill to do anything on Christmas Day so Sandra said if we were stuck indoors we might as well see if we were millionaires.

"It turned out the ticket with the random numbers was a winner.

"When I logged on and saw the 1 million I just sat in total disbelief."

The couple - who are parents to married sons Andrew, 37, and David, 35 - said the win had lifted a weight from their shoulders.

Derek said: "We have been in a difficult financial situation which meant we would probably have had to sell our bungalow when we retired in three years time.

"We bought it on doctors advice after I suffered cancer 30 years ago, which fused the bones in my knee.

"I said then I would buy a bungalow on a street with a pub on the corner, which it has just 50 yards away.

"I've not been back along there yet but expect I'll be getting a round in.

"We don't want a mansion and do want to stay where we are. The win has meant we can stay there forever now."

Sandra, who works as a carer, said she had not slept since the win.

She said: "I am a millionaire now but it has not sunk in. I'm still pinching myself every day and expecting to wake up from a dream.

"I always entered the lottery but never, ever, thought we would win."

The hardworking couple, who have not had a holiday for five years, plan to use the win to get away.

A new car and a motorhome to tour the country with their three dogs, basset hounds Lily and Harry and King Charles spaniel Ozzie, are next on the list.

Derek's unique raffle number for his winning ticket was DGS561280.

The National Lottery held the former world record at 18 winners in a single draw after Big Draw 2000 on New Year's Eve 1999.