Referendum: People of Leeds give mixed reaction to Brexit vote

After Britain voted to opt out of the EU, the people of Leeds have been giving their reaction.

European Union Referendum 2016. Yorkshire and the Humber count at the Leeds First Direct Arena. Counting gets underway. 23rd June 2016. Picture : Jonathan Gawthorpe

Leeds voted to remain in the EU by the tiniest of margins - just 2,389 votes.

But that didn’t prove to be enough as the Leave campaign sealed victory by 52 per cent to 48.

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Out on the streets of Leeds opinions varied from those staunchly in favour, those appalled by the result and those who felt unable to choose between the Leave or Remain camps.

Melissa Mortimer, 29

Melissa Mortimer, aged 29, was heavily in favour of Britain exiting the EU.

She said: “I’m glad that we left and I think it was the right decision for our children when they grow older.

“I think we’ve been putting lots into other countries without getting anything back.”

However, there were those who strongly disagreed with the outcome.

Val Lloyd-Hicks, 61.

One of those, Val Lloyd-Hicks, 61, believes there will be damaging impact on future generations.

She said: “I’m appalled.

“I think there will be long-term repercussions for our children and grandchildren.”

Dave Smith, 62, also believes the Brexit decision was ill-judged.

Dave Smith, 62.

“I think we’d be stronger in Europe to be honest,” he said.

“I just wanted us to stay in as part of a group.

“It was a close decision but I think it’s the wrong one ultimately.”

The fallout from the result led to Prime Minister David Cameron resigning early on Friday morning.

Neil Codrington, aged 56.

Neil Codrington, 56, believes this will only add to the uncertainty.

He said: “Cameron resigning is further instability.

“But I don’t think he could do anything else because his position was untenable.”

On the other side of the debate, Debra Duffy admitted to being unable to garner enough information to make a decision between vote or leave.

She said: “I didn’t really understand the system.

“But, I work in a community centre that was a polling station and only two people I spoke to voted to stay in.

Debra Duffy, 45.

“Most people I have spoken to haven’t really understood the whole process.”

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Melissa Mortimer, 29
Val Lloyd-Hicks, 61.
Dave Smith, 62.
Neil Codrington, aged 56.
Debra Duffy, 45.