Region avoids worst as diesel soars

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Diesel prices are almost back to record levels, figures from the AA showed yesterday – but costs least in Yorkshire and Humberside.

The pump price of diesel now averages 142.9p a litre – just shy of the record of 143.04p set last May.

Over the past month, the average price has gone up 0.8p a litre, while the average price of petrol has risen 1.46p to 135p a litre.

This is still 2.43p off the petrol record high, but since the start of the year the monthly fuel bill for a two-car family has risen £5.84.

Northern Ireland has the highest average petrol prices – 135.9p a litre – while northern England has the cheapest, at 134.2p.

Northern Ireland also has the dearest average diesel – at 143.5p a litre – while the cheapest is to be found in northern England and in Yorkshire and Humberside – at 142.3p, the AA revealed.

AA president Edmund King said: “The UK’s rate of inflation may have fallen but that comes as cold comfort for consumers and businesses that depend on their vehicles.”