Regional government key to curbing excesses

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From: Kendal Wilson, UK Yorkshire Socialist Alliance Party leader, Wharfebank Terrace, Tadcaster.

I BELIEVE high rents and the mortgage culture have become barriers to any sort of 
economic recovery. Our obsession with property keeps inflation high.

Human greed is unavoidable as a factor affecting this. Any government we have had is unable to effectively find a system that caps the excesses we have seen in the property market. The Chancellor is only as powerful as his existence allows him to be.

However, there is great 
damage one can do within the time allowed, so therefore I am a strong believer in the forming 
of regional government, essentially a Yorkshire Parliament bang in the middle of this 
county (Yorkshire Post, December 12).

A hundred years ago we oversaw the lives of millions with the British Empire, and now our population level in this country is more than the Westminster-based government can handle, so there is enough for us to cope with without thinking we control the world.

Regional government makes perfect sense and is something to seriously consider.

The formation of regional government would help social cohesion re-emerge.

This has been eroded over the years by governments setting individuals against one another in very often areas of fake competition.

As the Work Foundation 
head Will Hutton recently 
stated, a good society recognises the risks and insists that they should be shared and insured against in an agreed system of collective insurance, a “social contract”, and the best way forward to maintain and re-invigorate this is by a good inspiring regional parliament in Leeds!